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Nevada’s tax friendly climate
Buying a home and relocating to Nevada has numerous tax advantages. Nevada boasts one of the most liberal tax structures in the nation and from a tax-planning perspective, the return on investment in the form of tax saving dollars can be enormous. In Nevada, there are fewer taxes and a lower tax burden than in most other states. Clearly one of the tax advantages which motivates many individuals and businesses to relocate to Nevada is the hospitable income tax climate which prevails in the state. Nevada imposes no income tax whatsoever on individuals or on business entities. For example an individual relocating from Nevada to California in the highest tax bracket can save 10.3% annually by not paying an income tax. That’s why Nevada is on every list of the top tax havens. In Nevada, there is:

No personal income tax
No corporate income tax
No gross receipts tax
No franchise tax
No inventory tax
No tax on issuance of corporate shares
No requirements of shareholders & directors to live in Nevada
No tax on sale or transfer of shares
No succession or inheritance with IRS
No sharing of information with IRS
Simple annual requirements
Protection for Directors and Officers
No initial or minimum capital requirements
Anonymity of owners-Total Privacy
Low property taxes
Business friendly environment
This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Please consult with your tax professional prior to making any decision to purchase real estate or a business based on tax benefits. Incline Village Sales Company is not a tax professional and is not qualified to give tax advice.

Pathway 2007 Project
Incline Village/Crystal Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau
Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce
Incline Village Schools
North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
The Parasol Foundation
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

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